Chip in to help animal shelter’s critters

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Recently my neighbor lost their family pet. A couple of months later mine was gone. I hear tell one neighbor had several dead animals turn up in her garbage awaiting the truck. These may not be your love of life, but they do belong to someone, most likely a child. I called the animal control to see if they had received my pet via a trapper. They told me they have 89 cats. I was amazed at the number. I couldn’t imagine how many dogs. So I will go to the animal control this week and bring a huge sack of food to feed someone’s cats. If you lost your cat go there and check it out. If you can afford a sack of food please bring it in. I’m sure more food will give the cats a little while longer. If your dog is missing go to animal control (at the) DeWitt Center and see if he got locked up. If not, maybe you can bring some food to help someone else’s dog survive another day at the cross bar motel. I’ll skip some trips out to dinner or a movie to help the animals. Please donate food to the animal control. (See) www.\animal (and) check the photos for your pet (or) go in person. Save kitty or bowser for Christmas! Bobby Capps Foresthill