Chip-seal costly for road users

Reader Input
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I would like to add another story to the ever increasing saga of “chip-sealing” our roads (Journal, Sept. 21). I live in Foresthill (Todd Valley) that has also just had our roads chip-sealed. This is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. There are tar-covered rocks all over the place. You can’t take your car, or whatever vehicle, out without getting the little tar-covered rocks stuck all over your vehicle and then they, the county, comes by with a water truck spraying down the road with a pickup truck pulling a sweeper with a spinning brush, loosening all the little tar-covered rocks and turning the road into a slurry of muck and rocks that get all over everything. And, in my case, got a rock stuck in my brand new motorcycle’s belt drive sprocket, putting a hole through the belt. The estimate to repair this is approximately $500. Now I would like to know what genius came up with this idea of chip-sealing in the first place. I know it’s cheaper for the county but it’s a lot more costly for the public. This is a lot harder on tires, and noisier. As for the people praising the county for saving money and doing such a great job, they can come over to wash my vehicles anytime and, maybe pay for all the repairs. Dale Milligan, Foresthill