Choose to eat nutritious foods

Reader Input
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I applaud Maggie Swett for her letter to the editor about America’s obesity problem and school lunches (Reader Input, Dec. 22). Her statements are correct; however, they are in need of some modifications. The NSLP’s (National School Lunch Program) goal is to provide nutritious meals for all children. It sounds very simple until we mix this concept with political agendas. This 60-year-old program, as most of the programs run by the government bureaucracy, turned into a confused dinosaur. Dear Maggie, sadly, the program is not really about the children. It is about the adults, the demagogue politicians, the unions and over-bloated administration. Please take a glance at our current Surgeon General Vice Admiral Regina Benjamin. Is she supposed to teach us how and what to eat? Check out the Los Angeles School District’s multi-million dollar “Let’s Move” lunch program disaster, the Berkeley School District’s “organic” fiasco and the millions of dollars taken from education to fund mismanaged school food service programs. Do you really want the government to dictate what, how and when to eat? Do you want the government to decide what is nutritious? Eating healthy is your choice! Would it be wrong to bring your lunch to school and have breakfast at home before school? As you concluded, education is the key. Education is not only about nutrition but is also about the truth, the truth about misleading information, political agendas and government waste. Al Schieder, Auburn