Choose to help or simply whine

Reader Input
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The Auburn Journal goes above and beyond the call of duty when showing all viewpoints on a range of issues. Harry Truman said “the buck stops here.” In our nation, the president of the United States is where the buck stops. It comes with the territory. Some of the nation’s ills have been developing for years, if not decades. Some are developing now. Chuck Taylor published a letter in the Journal on Nov. 30 that said, in essence, “the sky is falling and it’s all Obama’s fault.” No one is going to argue that government spending is out of control. No one is going to argue we have to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. No one is going to argue special interests have a stranglehold on our politicians. No one is going to argue our financial markets are in a mess. No one is going to argue we need to create jobs. No one is going to argue we need productive and cost-effective schools. Did Obama cause all of these problems? Hardly. Does it come with the territory for him to lead this nation to fix them? Yes. People need to decide if they want to work together to fix our problems or sit in the peanut gallery whining and complaining. Chris Hamm, Meadow Vista