Choose truth over politics

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What power drives you? The amazing power within politics that drives it to use any method to serve its purpose. The governor and some members of our state legislative group are going into churches propagandizing their beliefs — a reflection of fascism. Within their power and authority are a part of the consequences we are dealing with today. They are trying to sell to the people the initiatives, saying this makes things easier to solve the problem. In truth it will prolong the problem. We are finding out. When you are spending more than what you make. There is a problem in paying of our bills. Within the authorities of this nation are government, financial institutions, corporations, labor unions, within our cities and states. The centerpiece is greed and corruption. These are the facts of life. There is a difference between fact and fiction, lies and truth. Within man’s world, truth can be anything he wants it to be. Within God’s word, he says his truth will set you free. There is a peace, strength and purpose in walking in God’s truth for the nations of the world. True peace will come through Jesus Christ. HARRY ROACH, Auburn