Chopper buy is justified

Reader Input
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This letter is for all of those people complaining about the new helicopter for the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. There were places the old one could not go. There were rescues the old chopper could not do. If you or any of your family members need help with a rescue, you will be so thankful for the new helicopter. There were some donations that went toward the purchase of the chopper. Not all came out of taxpayers’ pockets. I would like to add a great big thank you to all the officers and personnel from the Placer County Sheriff’s Department for putting on a fantastic “academy.” The average citizen learned so much about the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. If anyone has an opportunity to attend one of these they should try it. The Community Awareness Academy is an eye-opener on what these special people do. Thank you for all that you do. SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn