CHP’s presence appreciated

Reader Input
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I understand that CHP officers risk their lives on a daily basis to save ours and I do appreciate them for it. As stated in my letter (July 24), the mere presence of a police officer lends a sense of security, as well as the fear of God. I apologize to the CHP officers and anyone else offended by my letter of last week regarding the handling of the Dry Creek-Clipper Gap speed trap along I-80. The CHP mandate is all about road safety, which is why the “Zero Tolerance” scene between Dry Creek and Clipper Gap was so troubling last Wednesday. I am not sure how many of you who have commented were actually there that morning, but it was clearly a distraction to drivers, even those who were fully alert, paying attention and driving safely. It just seems there must be a better way to slow the speeders than having so many cars stopped and suddenly stopping in a very short span ... a way that is safer for drivers as well as CHP officers, and more cost effective for the CHP. Maybe a marquee that indicates vehicle speed, like the one often displayed just above Colfax, would be a good way to encourage drivers to slow down. Susie Iventosch, Weimar