Chris Parker will close tax loopholes

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Although not a well-known elected body, the Board of Equalization plays an important role in the lives of all Californians. Think of the Board as California’s “Tax Court.” While the Legislature writes tax law, the Board decides what is fair in applying the law — who pays and who gets away. Each year there is approximately $8 billion in uncollected tax from those who don’t pay their fair share. Collecting this money — not raising taxes, just collecting what is already due to our State — means more jobs for Californians! That $8 billion could go toward putting more teachers in classrooms, fixing our failing infrastructure, and strengthening public safety for all Californians. We need a Board Member who will stand up for us and protect against a tax system that hurts middle-class and working families. Chris Parker will be that Board Member. He has the experience and qualifications to represent us on the Board of Equalization. He is a tax expert specializing in rooting out fraud and abuse by tax cheats. As a tax counselor, Chris has saved taxpayers money. If elected to the Board of Equalization in District 2, Chris Parker would close corporate and billionaire-only tax loopholes. It is about time that District 2 has a Board Member who looks out for working-class families like yours and mine. Join me in supporting Chris Parker for Board of Equalization. Linda Hawkins, Auburn