Christians intolerant

Reader Input
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In response to “China knows little of Jesus,” (Reader Input, Dec. 1): Two questions for Gordon Ainsleigh. Is China evil because it prevented North Korea from falling into “powerless poverty”? Or is China evil because it does not believe in a magical deity? How many countries have nuclear missiles that can reach any coast, destroy any people and poison any land? Regarding trade with China, thanks to corporate powers, China will soon own more than American real estate. Mr. Ainsleigh’s primary issue is the magical deity. Christians have taken more lives, persecuted more people and destroyed more countries than all nuclear weapons combined. The word Christian is ill-used. Jesus forgave everyone, harbored no residual animosity and treated all equally. It is more logical for Christians to embrace God’s rules and dogma. Accordingly, God is bi-polar (good and evil), had favorites (Lucifer), coveted another’s wife (Mary), gambled (Job), committed genocide (rain for 40 days and nights), promoted incest (Noah), sought revenge served cold and hot (salt pillars and hellfire) and sent his son on a death trip. Christians must invent another label. In the end, follow whatever suits you, drink Kool-aid, blood or wine, but please unless accepting a challenge in a neutral environment, keep it to yourself. Unsolicited opinions are less welcome than political robo-calls. Brune Dowry, Meadow Vista