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Cities, residents struggle on wastewater regulations

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Regarding your Andy Lukkonen cartoon on Feb. 13: Your sense of humor is off base. The people in Auburn, Placer County, and the state are well aware of the condition of their septic and water systems. If our systems are failing, we will repair them. We are not stupidly going to foul our environment. To place homeowners in the same league as a small town or municipality is misguided. Small towns can easily get into problems where they need help from counties or the state. They are under tremendous local political pressure to limit their spending due to lower tax revenues and the need to keep taxes as low as possible for their citizens. It is not unreasonable for towns to occasionally ask for financial help. After all, the people in these towns have been paying their taxes to county and state agencies for years. The people are entitled to get some of their hard-earned tax money back! Governments are the most inefficient spenders you can dream up. We all know where our governments get their revenue. This is not aid, it is our money! So lighten up. Assembly Bill 885 is wrongly being applied in this case for the financial gain resulting from penalizing everybody instead of the few sinners. The Department of Water Resources is obligated to help small towns get assistance in solving their water and wastewater problems. They should be helping instead of obligating all of us to pay these outrageous inspection fees. Swend L. Miller Colfax