Citizen’s Advisory Committee a sham?

Reader Input
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I am very disappointed with Leo Havener, the Foresthill Public Utility District general manager, and his attempt to orchestrate a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) to make recommendations to the Foresthill Public Utility District (FPUD) board of directors and the community in regard to the solutions for the district’s current financial crisis. It is clear to me now, as I served on this committee, that Leo Havener’s intent was to use the CAC as a tool to influence the powers to be to promote his agenda. That agenda is to rescind Measure B which was passed by a majority of the voters. The “committee” did not discuss the reasons for the problems, and the budget for the current year was not made available to the committee for review. However, Mr. Havener was able to ignite concerns with the CAC with regard to the FPUD solvency. His recommendation to raise the water rates again is not the only answer to having a financially fit water district. Our water district has not changed much in the last five years, except for the cost of operation. We have roughly the same number of customers, the same treatment plant, and the same pipes in the ground and the same reservoir. However, expenses have skyrocketed. Employee wages, benefits and taxes increased 64 percent in four years. How is this justified? Recently I read the 2008 Master Plan for the Foresthill PUD put together by the district’s engineers. The engineers state over and over that our system is in good shape. The district’s statement that our infrastructure is falling apart now seems questionable or possibly misleading. The board’s decision in December to ignore the people’s vote on Measure B is highly troubling. Since when can the government overrule the people? Why bother to vote? I am sure that many people in our community are as disturbed about this as I am. We cannot allow the district to take away our rights as American citizens. We need to promote awareness. Call me at (530) 367-2948 if you would like to discuss this situation. Joe Anderson, Foresthill