Citizens move to Placer for rural lifestyle

Your Views
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With regard to the regional university fiasco, Ms. Williams (Your Views, Feb. 16), Sierra Club Chapter Chair, clarified the Club’s positions and countered false accusations that were being lobbed at this respected non-profit environmental group. This was especially poignant since one pontificating supervisor mislead the public (when he voted to approve the university sham), by claiming that the Sierra Club was being “inconsistent.” Either his memory is short, or he deliberately skewed the truth to pump his ego and ignore the disastrous shortcomings of this regional ruse. The county’s constant, clandestine end runs in pursuing its in-bed-with-developer schemes are anything but orderly development. The county is approving sprawling, leapfrog developments and reducing city chances for responsible, good faith infill development. Citizens move to rural agriculturally zoned areas expecting farmland, grazing animals, isolation, little-to-no infrastructure, except maybe a minor road and power lines. Citizens move to cities for all the activities and amenities found there (public transportation, culture, entertainment, community, treated water and sewer systems). The county is approving projects that make rural areas pseudo-urban areas — exacerbating all the environmental problems, lacking citizen conveniences, and making life miserable for all who moved to Placer County for its rural lifestyle. Ernie Jay Auburn