Citizens paid for benefits

Reader Input
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In the World of GOP newspeak, Social Security and Medicare are called entitlements. The Republican noise machine would like you to believe they are welfare programs doled out to us undeserving, ungrateful peasants by the largesse of the Mama State. Check your annual Social Security statement to see who is really paying the bills. After paying into the system for 40 years it amounts to a six-figure number you have paid. How do Republicans and the tea party get welfare out of this? The hefty amounts we pay in are obligations and the $1,000 a month we receive back from Social Security is definitely not welfare. The Republican Party is using the bait-and-switch trick to cover up the money they’ve squandered on senseless wars, tax breaks for the wealthy and the corporate welfare they so eagerly promote. The GOP’s off-the-wall comments hold no validity and are only an affront to the millions of American workers who pay for every cent of Social Security and Medicare they receive. Ron Lowe, Nevada City