City clerk’s assertions raise questions

Reader Input
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In reference to the top front-page story in the Auburn Journal, Oct. 28, “City clerk claims cut unfair”, with no malice to Mr. (Joe) Labrie: Is it true that Joe Labrie’s salary has not been cut, except for the 10 percent cut all Auburn elected officials took? Is it true that Mr. Labrie continues to receive his same salary without a cut to date? Since he is an elected official, is it a fact his pay could not be cut any more than that of council members? Is it true that the cut he is concerned about does not take effect until December 2012 when his current term is completed? Should the City Council place a measure on the ballot to make the city clerk an appointed position which is the trend in California? If that would pass and take effect in December 2012, could the current deputy city clerk be re-designated as the city clerk could and the city save $40K over four years? Has Mr. Labrie taken steps to get certified as a municipal clerk? David York, Auburn