City clerk’s minutes’ change dangerous

Reader Input
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The article of Dec. 15 regarding the attempt of city clerk Joe Labrie to edit and alter the contents of the minutes of the Oct. 25 City Council meeting to further his agenda or opinion of what needed to be said, raises a very important question of just what power or authority does the city clerk possess to rewrite the meeting minutes to suit his objectives? Perhaps we should investigate the educational and professional requirements of the city clerk position and establish stricter prerequisites for the filling of this position, just as the city treasurer should have an adequate educational and financial background to properly advise the City Council. Mr. Labrie’s attempt to alter the contents of the minutes of the meeting should be grounds for dismissal. If not, it establishes a dangerous precedent which, if allowed to continue, could lead to serious misinformation being written into future meeting minutes, perhaps even influencing the City Council to make erroneous decisions on future city business matters. Richard Walther, Auburn