City hall culture needs changing

Reader Input
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The pay raise, subsequent retirement and then part-time job for the (Rocklin) city manager is an example of cronyism at its best (Journal, Feb. 25). I don’t know why there’s all this surprise and outrage over the issue. The people on the city council have been there forever because folks keep re-electing them. Most are friends with each other and the city manager. I don’t blame Carlos Urrutia for this, as he’s just working within the system as it is defined. My question is why couldn’t the assistant city manager, Terry Richardson, assume the city manager’s duties with Mr. Urrutia’s retirement? Isn’t that one of his responsibilities? Did the council really need to pay $137,000 for a part-time employee, when they are running a deficit and laying people off? Now, if people want this to stop, the culture in city hall needs to be changed. That means sweeping out the current council, electing people who will make decisions based on the needs of the public who elected them and end the cronyism prevalent at city hall. Del Kerby, Rocklin