City must battle for business

Reader Input
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The day will arrive when the Auburn area will become home for a box store like Costco. A recent Auburn Journal headline suggests such a store might fit in the Luther Road-Highway 49 area despite a groundswell of neighborhood resistance (Journal, Aug. 7). WalMart on the same site was staved off years back, but with a changing face to our community, and with a trend in local government to seek sales-tax revenues, the inevitable will one day occur and this kind of development will gain a foothold. Where is Auburn city in this equation? Trader Joe’s, but for our economic downturn, has been rumored to settle with a site outside the city limits, and now, Costco may also be lost to a property outside the city limits. If these kinds of businesses are to be sanctioned in the Auburn area, why the constituency sits quietly by and not let its voice be heard is baffling. Are Auburnites not imposing sufficient pressure on city officials to seek innovative means to close deals for the city? If so, are they by default thereby letting tax dollars drift away to the county? Traffic circulation, possible availability of redevelopment funds, community wishes and political expediency create complexity and challenges. Step up, Auburn. The county apparently sees incentives, and surely these same forces could prevail in Auburn city. Bart Ruud, Auburn