City needs plan of action fast

Reader Input
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The City of Auburn, in my opinion, must concern itself with Auburn’s business needs (“Streetscape work curbs business,” Journal, July 30). The business loss of money due to the recession, and now an additional loss for four months might force a few fine stores in Auburn to go out of existence. It is probable that the merchants could be unable to recoup their losses relying on holiday shoppers in December. Parking is the major problem. Some serious parking adjustments by the City of Auburn should be made very quickly. It is a known fact that once shoppers leave an area for something more accessible that it could be they will not be likely to return to their former haunt. People are creatures of habit. New shopping habits could be formed over four months. If this event occurs, what is the City of Auburn’s alternative plan to woo new business into the possibly vacated stores? Bee Toomey, Auburn