City officials should cut pay

Reader Input
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Auburn city officials are reaping the rewards of pay and position. They are receiving good salaries and benefits thanks to CalPers (Journal, Nov. 22). But, in an economic decline, they should have their compensation reduced so as to minimize the cost to the taxpayers. They should all take a pay cut and receive less benefits for the good of the community. They should sacrifice for the people they serve. These savings could be used to create jobs and provide for the less fortunate. If you truly believe in the community, you would do this for the sake of others. Actions speak louder than words. Which one of you wants to be a real hero of the people? You have a chance to prove it. Do this for the people, and you will be seen as a thoughtful person. If not, be like all the rest and do nothing, not considering the welfare of the community. And forgetting (or ignoring) the fact as a public official your self-interests should never be at the expense of the people you serve. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn