City wise to spend before state steals

Reader Input
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Re: the several online comments on the Auburn Streetscape project. On the surface, it might look like the improvements are being made at the sacrifice of the homeless. I find this interesting that they are being held up as the example of those affected by budget cuts when I am not aware of any ongoing help for them from city coffers in the first place. In this case it just sounds like writers throwing out buzz words just to get the biggest reaction. If they truly cared about the homeless plight, they would be informing themselves better about how government works. Which brings me to the real reason I am writing. Streetscape is funded by legally protected redevelopment funds collected from special taxes in a legally designated zone. These zones are identified as needing improvements to revitalize a mostly business area, instead of letting that area fall into disrepair. If these zones are not revitalized, businesses leave or go out of business. The city loses the taxes these businesses generate, which means less money for the city to operate with. It is illegal to use redevelopment funds for anything else but these improvements. (Gov.) Jerry Brown tried to steal these locally collected funds to balance his budget. Personally, I think the city council was wise to spend it before the state could steal it. And, next time you complain about how our money is being spent, try being better informed. Leslie Heimbichner, Auburn