Civil dialogue for civil society

Reader Input
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Can a democracy survive if the constituents cannot have a civil discussion about issues? Name-calling does not lead to an intelligent exchange of ideas. It simply stops the participants from hearing what the other person is saying. This country, until recent history, has depended upon Congress and leaders to come together and compromise after hearing what each side has to say. Another ideal I was taught in school is to respect our elected officials and vote them out at the next opportunity if we do not like what the person is advocating. Impeachment is another avenue for removing an official but should be exercised only when laws have been broken and used infrequently. Citizens, editors of newspapers and other media can lead the way. We can tone down our rhetoric starting with conversations in the home and community. Editors can choose not to print name-calling and hate language. The other media can choose to not publicize such vitriol. The survival of our democracy depends upon our coming together to solve our problems. Dan and Karen Tajbl, Auburn