Civil rights not for the unborn

Reader Input
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If the Dems were as adamant about moral character as they are about abortion, the world would be a better place. If there were a synonym for women’s “health care,” it would be called abortion. If there were a book about abortion, it would be called, “Target: Abortion on Demand.” If there were a horror movie depicting a typical late-term abortion, it would be called, “The Giant Brain-Sucking Monster Attacks Helpless Fetus.” If a “fetus” were late for an abortion, too bad, you get dispatched whether you feel it or not. If there were a pornographic film on abortion, it would be called, “Sex – Unlimited Baby Denied.” For people who claim to be so concerned with “privacy,” the “Hook-Up party doesn’t hesitate to make their sex life central to a national debate, in terms of abortion and the gay lifestyle performance identity. The Party of Abortion will some day relish a Planned Parenthood on every neighborhood corner, 10-year-old girls with bar codes on their foreheads announcing the time when her child’s abortion is due. All without consulting her parents, then selling the fetus parts for profit. Now that’s a real contraception plan! Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution. It is not a “civil right” to destroy human life. How about a constitutional right not to hear liberals invoke the phrase “civil rights,” when what they obviously mean is “abortion.” MICHAEL LAVELLE, Colfax