Clarifying GOP Medicare plan

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As a long time member of the Placer GOP Central Committee and as its’ current chairman, I am disappointed in the apparent bias of the Auburn Journal in regard to the coverage of the 4th congressional race. The most recent example is the coverage of Jack Uppal’s Medicare “protest” as written by Journal reporter, Gus Thomson. Uppal and his band of Democratic activists chose to protest on Columbus Day — when all federal offices are closed. Although the district office was closed in conformance with federal law, Gus Thomson’s choice of words makes it sound like it was McClintock’s choice. Tom McClintock’s campaign office in Roseville was open and could have been contacted for comment. There is no evidence available that Thomson attempted to do so for a balanced report. Thomson dutifully repeated every untruthful charge Uppal made against the Republican Medicare reform plan. In the interest of balanced reporting, allow me to provide the information that was completely ignored by Mr. Thomson. — The reform does not affect those over 55 years old. — The reform offers everyone under 55 years old the option of remaining in conventional Medicare. — Without reform, Obamacare guts the Medicare Advantage plans that millions of seniors currently prefer. — Without reform, a panel of 15 political appointees will begin setting reimbursement levels that the Congressional Budget Office warns will dramatically reduce Medicare providers and limit medical services to the elderly. — Without reform, the Medicare hospital insurance trust fund will be exhausted by 2024. When Jack Uppal says he won’t touch Medicare, does he mean that he’s content to stand by and watch it collapse? As a 58 year old, I am pleased that we have statesmen like Paul Ryan and Tom McClintock who are willing to propose solid reforms to save the system and provide my family with the security of Medicare, should I choose to use it. I believe that balanced reporting is a keystone to creating an informed electorate and I am disappointed in the obvious bias of Thomson’s report. Such articles might be more appropriate for the opinion page, instead being presented as news. Jeff Atteberry, Roseville, chairman, Placer County Republican Party