Class more than a plant how-to

Reader Input
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To all fans of Eisley Nursery Auburn: I took Earlene Eisley Freeman’s “how-to houseplant” class on July 28. I was sad to see that only one other person beside myself showed up! Well, everyone that is a houseplant owner or would like to grow houseplants missed out on a fabulous class. I learned so many things I never knew before, from watering, feeding to how houseplants not only make your home more appealing but how they can make it a much healthier environment to live in. Not to mention I got to spend an enjoyable evening with the star of Eisley’s, Earlene herself. Earlene not only provided the wealth of information that she has attained from her family’s multi-generational-owned family business but I enjoyed being with her for her well-known humor as well as infectious laugh. In short, all you Eisley fans out there missed out on a fulfilling, informative evening learning on how to care for and start a healthy houseplant-filled environment but you missed out on Earlene herself, a wonderful human being. I hope to see you all at her next class and support this great foothill family-owned business that has provided so much to all of its surrounding communities for so very long. Lisa White, Lincoln