Clean air policy hurts business

Reader Input
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Congratulations! With a stroke of the pen, the California Air Resources Board just guaranteed that the state will have the purest air and smallest carbon footprint in the United States. It will, of course, also have the costliest electricity and fuel, plus the largest migration of small businesses and the highest number of immobile, unemployed in the nation. Just how are we to produce all the energy required to produce fuel for our vehicles? Has the Legislature considered providing thousands of stationary bicycles equipped with small generators and run on a 24-hour basis by “green” advocates? Enough to run our new electric cars or vehicles powered by wildlife poop or what other material the Sierra Club approves? Allowing the purchase of “carbon credits” is a joke. Inescapably, we are dependent on carbon-based fuel. Although we have advanced from whale oil to petroleum, there is no returning to the past. Power is necessary to produce other forms of power — to make available hydrogen, build windmills, manufacture vehicles, and electrify our homes. You can’t dam all the rivers. The “nimby” crowd has exed out clean nuclear power and we can’t run cars on our crowded streets equipped with sails. When inefficient fuel costs $5 a gallon and your house is lit by candles, be happy. You will be breathing really clean air. It will be a lot dirtier but a lot cheaper in India and China. Arne Celick, Auburn