Clean away campaign signs

Reader Input
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Finally! Elections are over and candidates have been chosen to represent the citizens of this wonderful town, state and country. My congratulations to the winners of their respective political races, and my condolences to the losers. Before you get “down to business” in your newly elected position(s) or continue back to your regular lives, I would personally like to ask that each of you clean up your campaign literature and signs that so vividly decorate our countryside. I appreciate your willingness and dedication to run for public office and your campaign signage, prior to the election. What I do not appreciate is when our newly elected leaders leave campaign trash up for weeks or even months after elections. If you care enough to run for office to try to clean up government, you should care enough to clean up your campaign messes in our little town(s). You’ve got the job(s) you wanted as our leaders, now prove you deserve them and lead by example. David D. Chaddock, Auburn