Clean up county law enforcement

Reader Input
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I’m done suffering in silence and living in fear while many crimes go uninvestigated/covered up by Placer County law enforcement. I’m appalled by Sheriff (Spokesman Jeff) Ausnow’s front-page statement Nov. 19 about “drunk driving” as incompatible behavior among his officers, when they allow fraud and organized crime to go unreported and uninvestigated in many county departments (including sheriff’s). The short and sweet of it is, I’m no longer the victim, I’m the “turkey” (witness) now. Crimes committed against my animals, property and myself never got adequate due criminal process, just more retaliatory harassment. Placer’s allegations of being morally “all for the people” is just short of a lie given personal and political agendas public servants have used in abuse of their positions and authority. “People” are the priority here. Government was established by, of and for the people by our Constitution. I’m curious, how many more people have suffered abuses by Placer that also went uninvestigated because it involved public servants, including sheriffs. To correct the system, let’s open up jobs for honorable veterans returning home from service to fill positions of those who don’t wish to serve and protect. PAMELA WILBUR, Foresthill