Clear now for safe summer

Reader Input
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This winter has been a very dry one and I feel the need to remind everyone to be aware of the vegetation around your homes or on nearby vacant properties. Now is the time to take care of clearing those areas before the fire season is upon us. (Writing) as a team member of the Greater Auburn Fire Safe Council (GAAFSC), we recently contacted Kahl Muscott of the Auburn Recreation District (ARD) with some areas of concern that contained some thick, low-lying brush in “high traffic” areas and backing up to neighborhoods. Kahl’s response was to listen to the concerns, then to meet at the locations to take a first-hand view and then to decide what action he could take. Today those areas of concern have been taken care of above and beyond what we could have imagined so our hats are off to Kahl and his crew at ARD — thank you so much! Fran Kehoe, Greater Auburn Fire Safe Council, Auburn