Clocktower reward fund organized

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I don’t know if folks have been following the police reports but since the last article (Journal, July 3) the vandalism on the Clocktower has escalated. We put the last face on Thursday and on Friday morning Miguel from public works came by to tell us the bad news. The clock faces were scratched and the hands were bending. It is now a daily occurrence and I feel so disgusted. One day I fix the clock and the very next it is undone, aside from the expense in money and time involved. I really believe that offering reward money to catch the individual, whoever he or she or they are, will have positive results. Someone has to know something. I need everybody’s help to raise the reward money. Norma and Kathy Harris of Auburn Iron Works are first to offer $500 toward that endeavor. Bill Prior will put money in, as will The Golden Swann Jewelers. The account is under The Clocktower Fund at Citizens Bank of Auburn on Lincoln Way. The reason I ask for everybody’s help and not just the merchant association is they are having a rough time in this economy and are asked every day to donate to a worthy cause. The Golden Swann’s offer is that whatever a person donates, half of that amount will be given off on any purchase at The Golden Swann Jewelers. I very much appreciate your help in this again. BEN ASGHARZADEH, The Golden Swann Jewelers, Auburn