Coach Foley inspires family

Reader Input
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I very much appreciated the Community Portrait featuring Rick Foley, written by your staff member Michael Kirby (Journal, March 26). I concur with Mr. Kirby’s assessment of Coach Foley being an exceptional motivator; however, I would like to key you in to the success behind the man, teacher, coach, Mr. Foley: he loves these kids. My son, Caleb, ran the 400 meter individual and 4-by-4 relay team for Rick. My son said to me one time, “Dad, I thought I was fast, but Coach Foley taught me how to run really fast.” Coach Foley is not only a great coach, “inspirator,” teacher and motivator, Rick is a man of faith, faith in these kids and faith in his God. My son, Caleb, attributes much to Coach Foley in helping him fight through Type 1 diabetes which he contracted in the middle of track season his sophomore year. Although my son graduated from Placer three years ago, Rick stays in contact with Caleb. I know he and his lovely bride, “Momma Coach,” through their prayers and encouragement, continue to love my son in a way that only private tears and a feeble letter giving you what someone once said “is the rest of the story. Sign us, eternally grateful, Rick and Joslyne. Rick Solomon, Auburn