Colfax High School editors open up about emotional year

Bonser, Rondoni part of editorial staff of four
By: Interview Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Pulse Magazine Editors-In-Chief Alex Bonser and Ally Rondoni, both seniors at Colfax High School, sat down with the Journal Friday to share about their role in producing the news magazine. The magazines two other editors, Talia Panelli and Gary Root were not available for interviews. Highlights of the conversation follows. Why did you decide to have a magazine rather than a newspaper? Ally- We wanted to kind of shake it up. Every school has a newspaper. There is a lot more excitement about it. What are you most proud of about Pulse? Ally- I am really proud of the way our current editors took over after our last adviser passed away. She was our fearless leader. With her passing away that was somewhat of a motivation of why do what we do. We had four editors-in-chief. All of a sudden it clicked and we realized why she picked each one of us. We picked up where it left off. We all worked together. It was a really great moment to come together and become a team. What are you both interested in outside of the paper? Alex- I’m really interested with political and community service. My baby is Junior State of America, more than that I am into technology. I was sort of the tech person on the magazine this year. I am hoping to go into engineering. Ally- I interned at The Auburn Journal and that kind of propelled me into my love of journalism. I loved it before, but it gave me my passion for it even more. I love science. I am thinking about applying (to college) as a journalism major. I am really into theater and also acting. There is a really great musical Colfax High School is doing called “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” that I am in. I love senior year. I am getting to do everything I love. I hope to keep writing and acting no matter what. What have been the biggest challenges of being an editor? Ally- Wrangling the staff was quite an interesting feat. They are just a brilliant, intelligent, eclectic mix of people. Sometimes it was interesting calming the masses. It’s interesting because it lets you see the political spectrum. It’s nice to see the budding opinions that are happening. Alex- Our different personalities on the editorial staff. It was nice to have all the different personalities, but it also got stressful. What is your favorite issue of the magazine? Ally- My favorite issue was the third issue. I love this issue because I wrote the story on Mrs. Page. She was my AP English teacher and my journalism adviser, so that was special to be able do that. Alex- I’d say the fourth issue. The third issue is really emotional that is the first one we have from after when Mrs. Page passed away. The fourth one was the one that we really put it all together and showed the very hard work. Reach Sara Seyydin at saras@goldcountrymedia, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.