College brings new adventure

Reader Input
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Our daughter went on the Wilderness Orientation for UCSC freshmen before starting college, a 10-day backpacking trip. She felt it would be a life-changing experience and an opportunity to get to know some adventurous people. The weather was the worst they have had in a decade. It rained every day. Lightening was striking less than a thousand feet away, and they had to lay on their packs for an hour being pelted with hail that stung when it hit. “It was so scary, but no one complained. Working as a team and having this experience together, we are like family now,” she said. She was cold every night, even while wearing a beanie, gloves, socks and six layers of clothing. She barely slept the whole trip. This is starting to sound like it was about sheer survival. She said the trip made her tougher, and she appreciates the basic things now even more; shelter, a bed and being warm and dry. It’s time to say good-bye. We give our hugs. Her last words when leaving were, “I am so excited to sleep in a bed tonight. Love you.” Wow, just like that, no tears or anything. I tell my husband she has matured so much in the past 10 days. It’s apparent she is ready for her next big adventure, college! Good luck to all you freshmen and looking forward to seeing you at the holidays! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn