College management earns too much

Reader Input
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Re: The Associated Press article in the Auburn Journal on May 2, 2012, ?... College leaders press for more funding? which stated ?The heads of the University of California, California State University and California Community Colleges spent the day lobbying (in Sacramento) for more education funding.? While that is an admirable mission, perhaps the upper management should look at cleaning their own houses first. There are 1,528 payroll positions in the UC and CSU system that are being funded by California taxpayer dollars, totaling more than $612 million*. Since the upper management of state education has requested and received a 10 percent tuition increase (November 2010), and an additional 12 percent tuition increase (July 2011), the annual tuition and fees now total more than $6,400 for a full-time undergraduate! But here?s a thought. Instead of increasing tuition, how about decreasing overhead? Let?s start by requesting a 10 percent decrease plus an additional 12 percent decrease in the state education payroll. This would provide a cost savings of more than $127 million! That?s enough to fund almost 20,000 full-time undergraduates! (Note: The total decreased payroll would still be slightly above the 2008 payroll figures. Since most of us are still living at 2008 levels, why can?t they?) It?s also interesting to note, that of the top five wage-earners in the state, three are athletic coaches! (The highest paid person in the state? Cal Berkeley Football Coach (2011 overall record: 7-6 [4-5], Top 25: 0-3), Jeff Tedford making a whopping $2.3 million! *Source: The California State Controllers Office website, Higher Education Tab, 2010, the latest figures available. Only those who were making more than $175,000 per year were considered. Rick Turton, Auburn