Columnist outwits death rumor

Through Irish Eyes
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Editor’s note: Journal editor emeritus Helen Bale wrote this column Monday after the Journal received a false report that Bale had died. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! There is an erroneous rumor circulating that I have died. Believe me folks, this is not true. I have just pinched myself, Jamie Anderson, my caretaker, has just pinched me, and both of us can testify that this is not true! I have the bruises to prove it. I strangely awakened this morning — in great spirits — erroneously in high spirits. I responded at 10:30 a.m. to the erroneous feeling that I was happily still in the land of the living to hear (Journal reporter) Andrew DiLuccia relate that many calls had been received asking about my supposed death. Andrew was inquiring as to whether this was true. He was somewhat shocked to find that he was talking to a supposed ghost. When he informed me that from all sources had come information that I had received more inquiries than Chris Webber about his retirement from the Kings. Michelle Miller-Carl confirmed this and assured me that anytime I wanted to write my column it would be gratefully received — and published. Therefore, and to wit, I submit this column in company with the great Mark Twain, that reports of my demise are grossly over emphasized. BOOOOOOOOO! Helen Bale writes a column occasionally for the Journal.