Commission to explore access options for Baltimore Ravine

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The Auburn Planning Commission will take another look at a controversial aspect of a potential 790-home project for the area. The Auburn Planning Commission is scheduled to give advice on studying two alternative main access points to the Baltimore Ravine Specific Plan and Study Areas Project at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the City Council Chambers. Access has been a huge concern for some local residents, who spoke out against the current plan at a recent City Council meeting. Main access to the property is currently scheduled through a Herdal Drive extension. If development of Plan Area 1 goes forward, Rogers Lane would serve as temporary secondary access. Once 76 units were constructed the developer would construct a road connecting Herdal Drive and Werner Road. Perry Ranch Road is scheduled to serve as a permanent emergency access point for the project. On Jan. 13 the Auburn City Council sent the issue of access back to the Planning Commission for further review. The two alternatives both involve Pacific Street. “The first alternative would be located on the west side of Auburn Folsom Road opposite Pacific Street,” according to city documents. “The second location is also located on the west side of Auburn Folsom Road approximately 750 feet south of the Auburn Folsom Road/Pacific Street intersection.” The agenda for Tuesday asks the commission to provide direction to city staff on what information is needed to compare the two alternatives. The Baltimore Ravine Specific Plan project is planned to include 725 homes, 90,000 square feet of commercial space and 143 acres of open space. Plan Area 1 is currently proposed for development. This area calls for 270 housing units and 54.5 acres of open space. The project’s study areas could include an additional 65 homes. ~Bridget Jones