Common foods can be lethal to pets

Reader Input
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Reading the story of how Pidge, the Jack Russell terrier, lost her life after eating toxic mushrooms (Journal, June 14) brought back sad memories of how my beloved little Lucky Girl lost her life in a similar way last year. She was also 13 years old when she suddenly began vomiting one morning. When it continued throughout the day, I immediately took her into the vet that afternoon. Sadly, she was in acute renal failure by the time we arrived, and was transferred to a local veterinarian hospital for tests/treatment. After running a number of tests with negative results, the vet asked me if she had eaten any grapes recently. I was surprised at the question, and admitted that just a couple days before I had dropped a grape — one single grape — and was surprised when she ate it as she was a fussy eater. I was shocked when the vet informed me that even one single grape, or raisin, can be toxic to a dog and could cause the type of acute kidney failure Lucky was experiencing. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to save her. All dog owners need to be aware of the potential toxicity of these common fruits to our pets. Jeanne Woodcock, Lincoln