Common sense saves lives

Reader Input
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Re: railroad crossings; it is not the fault of the railroads that people lack common sense. Railroads should not have to bear the extra expense of changing the crossing signals which would increase train fare and cost of shipping goods. People should use the common sense that God gave each of us. But, you don’t just see it in railroad crossings but also on the roads and freeways. Take motorcycles. You see them constantly riding up the center between cars when in fact they are supposed to follow the same rules as cars and use the proper lanes for travel. Drivers passing on the right, weaving in and out of traffic, these are some of the most common road rules that are not followed. Most of these accidents are caused because people are in a hurry to get somewhere. Common sense tells you that if you don’t want to be late, then leave a little earlier. Not all, but most rail crossing accidents are caused because drivers try to beat the train instead of waiting a few extra minutes for it to pass. Actually watching a train pass is enjoyable if you’re not in a hurry, so people need to use common sense and leave earlier so as to allow for any delays or unforeseen problems that may happen. In ending the key is: “common sense.” Donald Adams, Auburn