Community came through

Reader Input
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Saturday evening (Oct. 17) was an amazing combination of a community who cares about their own, and the community at large that maybe didn’t know Jimmy Katches personally but knew he was a soldier in need, “Colfax soldier with Lyme disease needs help,” Journal, Oct. 11. The fundraiser began months ago, when several individuals said yes, or gave input as to how to organize and promote such an event. After the process began, it was just a series of daily miracles of good advice, services, sponsorships, donations, gifts, helping hands, talents, willingness to serve and the voices telling others. During this process I met so many incredible people, people who I know and people I have never seen or will probably never meet. All I want to say is thank you to all. The presale of tickets was not good. At 5 p.m. the day of the event the doors were open and the flood of loving, giving people streamed in. The spaghetti recipe was for 200 people. We ran out of food and had to make a pizza run. The donations at the door, the raffle, the silent auction and the bar brought in just under $10,000, (we missed by $78). There was an additional $9,000 deposited into the Jimmy Katches Fund account, giving a total of $19,000. Although this event was an astounding success, Jimmy still needs additional help in order to receive the treatment that he needs. For those of you who missed the event or haven’t had a chance to give, donations can be made to any US Bank into the Jimmy Katches Fund. Thank you again to all. STEPHANIE GARGAN, Colfax