Community Thanks: Cain dinner magnifique

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We celebrated a family birthday with our menu being the French dinner presented by the seventh grade at E. V. Cain. What a menu! The Boeuf Bourguignon was excellent, the accompaniments were perfect, and the Brownie au Chocolat was delicious. Kudos to: Ema White for having a great smile and sales speech; Kevin Summers deserves much praise for all the effort he put in to the planning and preparation of the food — he certainly has the attributes of a great chef; the alert, friendly, polite girls collecting the tickets at the beginning of the line; the way the traffic was routed and moved smoothly through the school parking lot; and of course, all the behind the scene students and the parents who oversaw the entire operation. This was a beautifully thought out event. Our four grandchildren joined in the fun at home complete with what they thought were French accents and they did all the serving dressed as a doorman, a maitre ‘d and two French waitresses. What fun we had! Merci Beaucoup. Have fun in Washington, D.C., kids! Job well done! Gary and Jan Wilson, Auburn