Community Thanks: Kid concert wonderful

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Thanks go to so many people who helped make our 12th KinderKonzert be so wonderful. Thank you Janet North for the great idea of a KinderKonzert for Auburn so many years ago. Audrey Mueller, thanks for moving forward with Janet’s idea and all the committee members and board members who have helped work and plan for such a terrific program for children. Thanks also goes to our former executive director, Jennifer Keck for time and energy spent guiding us in the past to help make all our efforts work so nicely for so many years. It takes a team of caring people to bring this quality of a music program to children. Thanks to our Auburn Symphony under the direction of Maestro Michael Goodwin for continuing to perform the exciting and beautiful music that is so appealing to children. This year our committee invited the children from Skyridge, Auburn Elementary and Rock Creek schools as our guests. Thanks go to the teachers and bus staff to get the children to the auditorium. The Sugar Plump Fairies were as usual, delightful. Ushers, Dave Lawrenson and Placer High band ensemble for the Instrument Petting Zoo and Pat Johnson for the great cookies, so many thanks goes to all of you. Also thanks go to Drew Lord for doing a terrific job printing the flyers, posters and programs for the KinderKonzert. Last but not least, thank you, Auburn Journal for the super publicity and great pictures and all those who made this possible. Pat Steidel, Auburn Symphony board member