Competition for scarecrow contest gets tougher each year

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I was very happy after reading "Word On The Street" in Oct. 23's Journal. The quote from 6-year-old, Kendall Maynard, saying that his favorite scarecrow was "Crowbot," made my day. I have been participating in the scarecrow contest at the Auburn Community Festival for five years. To say that the competition is stiff, is definitely an understatement. This year, although the prize money was astronomical, it seemed like there were fewer entries. I think this is because people feel like they can't compete against a few entrants that win year after year. Most of us don't have the vehicles or resources to create entries on such a large scale. It definitely appears that the contest has changed from scarecrow to scarecrows. I'm not sure what the remedy is for this. I enjoy the large, elaborate entries as much as anyone. Maybe a new elite category should be created for these super achievers. I do think that there are a lot of us out there who still want to try to create a single scarecrow that kids like Kendall Maynard will enjoy. Trish Schreiber Meadow Vista