Complacent Auburn is stirring

Reader Input
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Several within this complacent, conservative community are feeling the pinch of reality, for a change, and are squirming in print. Steven Nichols (Reader Input, July 7) asks why the Journal has the audacity to pick on the rich good ol’ boys who’ve been ripping us off for years. Let bygones be bygones since their $1,600 unjustifiable lunch tab was “from 28 months ago.” I guess he doesn’t get the concept that such incidents are tips of an iceberg indicative of continuous indulgences and favoritism that have traditionally been ignored when this paper mainly reported crimes by lower-income residents of the Auburn Greens. Next thing you know, the Journal might even challenge such sacred cows as the Placer Union High School District and their untouchable administrators. Oops! — I see by today’s (July 8) headlines that they’ve already breached that line too. Lordy, Lordy, what next? The kicker is Marcia Santos (Reader Input, July 8) whose Fourth of July nostalgia was so rudely interrupted by “Tea Party” protesters at the annual parade. “Shame on you,” she chastises parade organizers who apparently didn’t think the celebration was only about relaxation, recreation, marching bands and hot dogs. Though I don’t necessarily agree with the “Tea Party” viewpoint, their right to express it is precisely what the holiday stands for. If our forefathers shared Santos’ sentiment, there would not be a holiday in the first place. Instead, we’d all be singing, “God Save the King.” Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn