Complaints about show trivial, callous

Reader Input
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I was shocked by the callous, thoughtless letter sent to the Auburn Journal by Kristine Coman Nelson regarding her “disappointment” with this year’s Fourth of July events in our community (Reader Input, July 7). I would like say to Ms. Coman Nelson that we are still a close-knit community that celebrates the residents and visitors in our community, in spite of her complaints about the event. Many hours of planning and organizing went into this event by many dedicated volunteers. These faithful volunteers spent not only their time, but their own money trying to raise funds in the worst economic downturn our country has ever seen. So when you complain about “Auburn” getting its act together, you are in fact complaining about these selfless, devoted volunteers who put this event on for you, your family and friends. Unfortunately, many surrounding communities did not even have fireworks displays this year because of the difficulty in raising money. Many non-profits are suffering and communities are relying more and more on volunteers to provide basic services. People who complain about such trivial discomfort in their lives need to get their heads out of the sand and look around to see where they can help. I, for one, am proud that we were able to rally as a community and get together to celebrate our nation’s independence in spite of the difficult economic situation. To me it is far more important to celebrate this historic event together as a community, than crave all the glitz and glamour that Ms. Coman Nelson and her friends obviously need. Cheryl Maki, Maki Heating and Air, Auburn