Confounded by Brown’s return

Reader Input
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Well, the election is finally over and I am left with one question — how on earth can the citizens of California choose Jerry Brown again? Why do they fail to understand that he is truly a career politician who is owned by the unions? He was a lousy governor the first time. I don’t see him suddenly “getting it” that California is broke and broken. I am sick of the unions with their unrealistic demands on us, the taxpayers. I am very pleased though, that Prop. 19 failed as well as Prop. 21 and Measure L. The schools constantly whine for more and more money, yet they continue to squander the funds they already get. Maybe one day Californians will get it, hopefully before our 12.4 percent unemployment goes up even higher. I seriously doubt that most citizens will ever get it — we are broke in California. Time to stop the spending, taxes, and neverending handouts! Donna McCloskey, Auburn