Congress is ‘fiddling’ while US burns

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Both parties! When I look at Congress’ 90 percent disapproval rating, I say “right on.” When I look at the individual members of Congress, I see many nice people with good intentions. When I look at Congress as a whole, it’s a totally different story. I see bitching, finger pointing, “gotcha” politics, playing the blame game and not taking responsibility for any of this country’s massive problems. In short, I see Congress “fiddling while Rome burns.” Due to the political climate in D.C., I haven’t seen any action on a tax code overhaul, an energy program, to save an unsustainable Medicare and Social Security, immigration reform, several trillion dollars of needed infrastructure repairs, controlling and reducing the deficit and the national debt and an education system that needs lots of help. In other words, I see a Congress that has a earned its well-deserved 90 percent disapproval rating. “We the People” deserve better! Don Perera, Rocklin