Congress fails US citizenry

Reader Input
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For years, national polls have shown that Congress has earned disapproval ratings near 70 percent, clearly a failing grade by any measure. Yet it has done nothing to improve this performance assessment. Why must we continue to be subjected to backroom games that have nothing to do with responsible management of our country? Does it make sense that ill-defined programs that could force our country to the brink of bankruptcy be passed behind closed doors using parliamentary tricks? Decisions made in the name of urgency, and passed with strict party-line voting, are never in our best interest. Neither political party has a monopoly on making correct decisions. We, the people, will all continue to suffer from “politically expedient” decisions until politicians do the “right thing.” For the benefit of all, demand responsible and responsive governance from Congress. Until Congress is held responsible to the people, and not to special interests, we will continue to be viewed as nothing more than a source of funding for unwanted expenditures. Tom Fugate, Dutch Flat