Congressman plays on fears

Reader Input
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The recent town meeting with Tom McClintock was just another government-bashing rally with our congressman leading the attack. While lauding one of his staff originally from the Soviet Union, he stated how horrible it would be if the government ran the supermarkets here as they did there. Now our patriotic congressman never served in the military, but I did. Those of us who did know that every post has a “PX” and a commissary. These are supermarkets and department stores, run by the government for military personnel. Service people don’t have to shop there, but they almost always do, for you get good selection, good service and lower prices. You might say they are sort of a “public option” for our military families. They are efficient, highly successful and very popular. Yet McClintock and his admirers ignore what doesn’t fit their blinders; they cannot stop railing against the government. “Would you want your health care system run by the IRS?” they love to chant. Maybe not. But I wouldn’t mind a health care system run by the kind of people that took us to the moon, who built the finest highway system in the world or provided our superb National Park System. And most of all, I do not want my health care to be provided by Donald Trump, by General Motors or the AIG executives, or by Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Would you? This is precisely what we leave ourselves open to if we continue to opt for an unregulated system of health care for profit. McClintock is quite good at using anger and fear tactics to rally the party faithful to his banners. I just hope that more of his followers will start to pay closer attention to his phony emotional arguments and his empty catch-phrases. LARRY SMITH, Auburn