Conserve our precious water

Reader Input
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Since the Bear River canal was fixed there have been no articles about the continued effort to conserve water. People are back to hosing down parking lots in Auburn. Folks are still overwatering their turf and landscapes. So soon we forget the information that was provided to us, the consumers, during the canal breakage. I read every article written during that time along with visiting PCWA’s website. I was disappointed in the limited along with outdated information posted on their website. So I wrote them a letter pointing that out to them along with comments and suggestions regarding their water-wise program. I never got a response back from anyone at PCWA. So out of frustration I took the time to meet with our Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery concerning water conservation in Auburn and the surrounding communities. She was very gracious and open to my comments and suggestions to the point of arranging a meeting for me with Placer County Facilities and Placer County Parks superintendents/director. The gentleman I met enlightened me on all of Placer County facilities’ efforts to conserve water. I left both meetings with thoughts that it is refreshing to meet with county employees who truly care and are doing a great job. Prior to attending the last meeting I pulled up PCWA’s website. I was pleasantly surprise they had not only reinstated a rebate program along with an in-depth list of suggestions on how we as consumers can conserve water. I e-mailed PCWA stating that I was very impressed with their thorough and comprehensive water-wise pages. I also asked “How are you getting this information out to your customers?” I have not had a response from PCWA. It is all of our responsibility to conserve and protect our most valued natural resource and be aware of the information provided by our water agencies. I highly suggest that you all take the time to read the water wise program information on PCWA’s website and please try to do what they suggest. Great job PCWA, Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery and Placer County Facilities. Thank you. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista