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Consider accomplishments in naming park

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There has been a some seemingly reasonable opposition to Auburn Recreation District taking the Shockley property because of a condition that the resulting park be named after a racist. However, as others have pointed out, great people are sometimes flawed and William Shockley is one of those people. They have compared him to Charles Goethe, who donated a park in Sacramento. But that is a poor comparison. Although they were both wrong headed about race issues, Goethe was only of regional importance at best. William Shockley and his co-recipients of the Nobel Prize developed something that changed the world and made everybody’s lives, no matter what their race, much better. He and his wife deserve acknowledgement of what he did and what they have given to the people of Auburn. If the ARD wants or needs to add a footnote about his racist views to the park’s name, then do it, but to refuse the gift because of what is, at best, a footnote to his real accomplishment is foolish. Calvin Guin Auburn