Consider hoofing it to tonight’s game at LeFebvre

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Placer High’s LeFebvre Stadium is amping up with the high-energy Hillmen football team. Tonight Placer (7-1), faces rival Colfax High (6-2), in what should be a streetfight on the field. It’s exciting for the students, schools and communities. Thousands have been turning out to cheer on the Hillmen, to see friends and neighbors and support Placer High School. Last Friday’s hard-fought battle against the Lincoln Fighting Zebras featured one of the biggest crowds, if not the largest at Placer, in the last decade. And tonight’s battle might attract even more who are catching foothill football fever. It’s fun to have a healthy pride in your school and in your community. Parking near LeFebvre Stadium, however, can be a challenge. It’s a good problem to have too many fans for the parking spaces available, but a problem nonetheless. “Don’t park on the railroad tracks,” said Gary Pantaleoni, Placer assistant principal. Amazing at it sounds to those with common sense, some enthusiastic fans have parked on or too near the railroad tracks. “Two years ago at the Colfax game we had a train hit some cars,” Pantaleoni said. And at last Friday’s rockin’ showdown with Lincoln, announcer Bob Burge asked those with cars parked on the tracks to please move them quickly. “Two vehicles were announced as being on the tracks (last Friday night),” Pantaleoni said. Pantaleoni advised Placer and Colfax fans to get to the stadium early. He suggested parking in the stadium parking lot. But, he admitted, that lot only offers 95 spaces. With several thousand fans expected, 95 spaces might hold vehicles for a few-hundred people, but it won’t nearly be enough. So perhaps the parking lot near the Placer Adult School would be the next logical choice, but that, too, has very limited space. And on the night of what could be the biggest local-interest game on this year’s schedule, the Community Concert Series is, guess where? At Placer High School Friday night, furthering parking woes. For many, that will mean parking the along narrow streets surrounding the school. Auburn city officials are aware of the challenges, but say there doesn’t appear to be an easy fix. “It’s a madhouse,” City Manager Bob Richardson said of the Placer parking situation. “We have talked with the school district, dealing with traffic and parking in the neighborhoods near Placer several times. It’s a tough nut to crack.” Richardson said he would be open to the use of city buses to transport fans from a big parking lot — like the fairgrounds —to and from the stadium, but it would have to be paid for somehow. “The coordination would not be a big deal,” he said. Don’t miss tonight’s game. But when you go, do not park on or near the railroad tracks. Get there early and reserve your seat. Carpool if possible. The Hillmen and Falcons are sure to put on a show worth seeing, with hometown pride on the line. Coaches Joey Montoya and Tony Martello need not worry about the parking. Let’s leave that to school administration officials and city leaders, who need to come up with a plan, especially if Placer continues its winning ways. Go Hillmen, Go Falcons. And fans, good luck finding a parking spot. In fact, try walking a few blocks instead. It might be faster than navigating the post-game gridlock. --------------- Tonight: Colfax at Placer, 7:30 Radio: KAHI 950 AM Results by midnight: